Kerry Ardra.

The woman with a lot of patience, like a majestic mountain.

Photo by Bradford Rogne Photography

I met her briefly in an office in Televisa. She is a gentle person and I could confirm that when my brother gave me her number to request this interview.
Automatically she accepted and this is the result about this conversation.
Thanks a lot Kerry for gave me the opportunity to know you better.

Sum of Talents: Name and profession

Kerry Ardra

ST: Where are you from and what’s your love history with Mexico

KA: New York, USA.   Love the people, so warm and inviting, the food, amazing and the weather, rarely cold. Plus I love speaking in Spanish.

ST: How do you define talent? What is it in your own words.

KA: Talent is an extra ability in a particular area, be it artistic, business related, or anything else where a person has a unique ability.

ST: And please tell us, what are you talented for? When did you realized that you have this talent?  

KA: Hahahaha! I have a good ear and am able to teach how to achieve the sounds of letters particular to the English language. I am able to focus on the particular needs of each student. And most importantly…I have a lot of patience.

ST: Let’s pretend we could travel in time and get back to the exact moment when you decide to follow your dreams. If you could do anything different, what would it be? Or you would do everything exactly the same way? Why?

KA:  I have been lucky to always be following my dreams and have achieved many of them. Many more to still go! I usually say that I need a few clones to do all the things I want to do. I can´t say I would do everything the same way but I am not dissapointed with the way things have turned out, so far.

ST: If you could talk with a history character, somebody important to you for any reason. Maybe you admire him or her or you are just curious about something of his or her life. Who would be this character and what would you want to know about him or her?  

KA: Richard Branson. Just to listen to his ideas and how he set about achieving them. And what is next?

ST: Kerry you are a coach. A lot of people work with you to be better his english. So, please give us three advices to feel us more comfortables with our english pronunciation.

KA: The accent theme sometimes is hard.  Don’ t worry about the accent or perfection in verbs. Speak! Let yourself go. And sing out loud in English. Better if you are reading the words while you are singing. My students who sing to English songs always have better pronunciation.

ST: For you what is the best reward of being a coach?

KA: Seeing my students achieve their goals.

ST: And what is the hardest part of it.

KA: Having students stop and start classes. Their mouth gets lazy if they don’t keep up.

ST: How do you think our fear to make a fool stop us to be better in our jobs or english training, for example?  

KA: Yes, I believe that if we are not confident in what we are doing it limits us. But as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. We all have to start somewhere. Just keep practicing and it will get better and better.

ST: Which is the best advice you’ve ever get from somebody?  

KA: Focus on making Yourself happy in Your life and go after Your dreams.

ST: How important is the time for you? Why?  

KA: Time is very important. We only have a limited amount of time in the day. Where are you putting your energy in those hours? Hopefully into something that will be positive for YOU.

ST: Which is your best hour of the day and why.  

KA: I am a morning person. Why?…because I am usually well rested and ready to attack whatever I have to do that day.

ST: If you could be anything: a country, a cloud, a star, the ocean, a building… What would you be and why.  

KA: A cat. I love their independence, the way they move and their patience. If not an animal, an enormous mountain. Strong, silent and majestic. There forever.

ST: Let’s play «words» I tell you one and you tell me the very first thing that come to your mind:

Love:  My Daughter

Life:  Enjoyment

Book:  Relaxation

Fear:   Something bad happening to my daughter

Success:  Happy in life

Family:   Warmth, Support

ST: Social media, where can we find you? Maybe somebody are looking for an English coach!!

KA: Kerry Ardra Linkedin.

ST: Anything else you want to say?

KA: Open yourself to talk with people evenif you can´t speak perfectly. Learn other languages. It will open worlds for you.


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