The biggest challenge:



Every day, when we woke up, begins the mental battle about our life: family, job, goals, money, love and couple, debts, compromises and on and on.
The permanent question is: Am I doing it all right? Can I do it better? Can I do it faster? Can I do more than this?
The biggest challenge isn’t outside. Is inside of us.

We need to remember, that we are doing the best every step of the way. No matter all our fears, no matter what people said. We are facing all our doubts every second!!
You are doing your best effort. Believe it!! That’s the first thing you must said to yourself every morning. After all, you are the only one in your head, talking to yourself through the day, when the decisions must be made.

Everybody is different and sometimes the advices could work for you and other times, don’t. It’s normal. The things that are useful for me, maybe aren´t for you
Nobody has the magic formula of success. Nobody is facing your reality, it’s only yours and you are the only one who can evaluate the results at the end of the day.
That’s important too: the results are different every day. Be concious about it.
Don’t judge your entire life for one bad or a difficult day. It’s worse that way.
Keep the perspective, analyze what can be done better tomorrow, what was well done today and move on.

Enjoy your time alone or with your special ones, sleep well and begin again in the morning. You have a new opportunity to do everything the same way or completely different. It’s up to you.

Do something that challenges you and see what happen… It’ll take time to do it very well. It’s ok. But in some point you need to start and that moment could be today.

My challenge today? Write this post in English. I’m not sure if my grammar is too rusty or in good shape…
But the only way to do it better next week is begin right now. And I’m doing it. Let’s see what happen.

You are good in whatever you do. Repeat it to yourself every day. Try again and again to do much better. Everything in this life is a matter of time 😉


Images: Sum of Talents

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